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iomPE HRV and Coherence sensor from Wild Divine
iomPE HRV and Coherence sensor from Wild Divine
iomPE HRV and Coherence sensor from Wild Divine
iomPE HRV and Coherence sensor from Wild Divine
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iomPE Sensor Hardware for Wild Divine (free software download at the bottom of this page!)

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How does the Wild Divine IomPE work? 

The basics of Wild Divine

Technically, The Wild Divine Iom is a patented scientific instrument that functions as an alternative input device. In practical terms, it acts similar to your mouse, keyboard, or joystick as the connection between you and your computer. As a simple example, lets say something on the screen requires you to move your mouse left. In Wild Divine, you might have to relax your muscles and calm down to move left on the screen. The Iom makes that possible. It picks up your body's extremely subtle signals of emotion, stress, calmness, tension, happiness, and lets you progress based on your ability to control yourself.

You receive instant feedback on changes in your thoughts, emotions, breathing, posture, and levels of calm or stress. The Iom is very simple to use, it plugs into any standard USB port on Mac or PC computers, and interfaces with Wild Divine software to give you an interactive experience like no other.

The Science behind Wild Divine

Dr. Bob Whitehouse is a psychologist certified in biofeedback, and former board member for the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback: 

"Active Feedback uses electronic equipment to monitor internal physiological states and gives
feedback that helps the recipient learn how to control these or to recover from them. Usually this also involves a coach, who guides the process, interprets
the results, and makes suggestions. In Wild Divine programs however, the guide/coach is included
in the game, and the game itself gives you personalized information about your progress."

Wild Divine measures a player's Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Coherence. Coherence
is the source of many positive changes in the body and is the best tool for recovery from stress and
creating a happier, healthier mind and body. While in Coherence you can expect to feel more positive emotions, have increased intuition, be better able to connect with the people around you, and find a state of balance in your life

Progressive Scan Meditation

The newest Guided Meditation program from Wild Divine: Featuring Zen Master Nissim Amon

Download the new FREE Progressive Scan Meditation program for Mac or PC and begin relaxation training at a whole new level with your IomPE hardware. Using this ancient Vipassana technique for achieving the ultimate relaxed state of mind and body, this easy to use program provides direct feedback while meditating along with Master Amon.

Included with this FREE App is the guided body scan meditation, 4 unique meditation music tracks, 4 beautifully animated backgrounds, and 4 different avatar Buddha’s to inspire you.

The Progressive Scan Meditation program from Wild Divine gives you the art and science of balanced living. Physically see each part of your body as you become more relaxed, so you maximize the effectiveness of your meditation time.

Customized Settings:

  • Meditate from 6 – 30 minutes
  • Adjust music volume and vocals separately
  • Choose the length of your breathing cycle prompt
  • Challenge yourself with increasing difficulty settings

Combining Progressive Scan Meditation with the IomPE, this gorgeously interactive program gives you the tools to relieve stress and restore your energy as you learn the ultimate relaxation skill you will use again and again. If you have not already downloaded your version for Mac or PC, Click here.

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