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Dysphagia Suite at EEG Sales
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Dysphagia Suite and On Line Class Recording

Item #: BFE-120
Availability: by download only- link and/or passkey emailed.
Price: $249.00

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    ProComp Infiniti and ProComp 5 users of BioGraph Version 6 see additional information tab...

    Dr. Catriona M. Steele, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BRS-S, S-LP(C), Reg. CASLPO

    Developed by Catriona Steele, Ph.D., the software is based on the latest research led by the Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Lab at the prestigious Toronto Rehab Institute in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Steele has designed a standardized dysphagia treatment protocol involving Effortful Swallows and Mendelsohn Maneuvers for patients who present with radiographically confirmed pharyngeal residue (i.e., incomplete clearance of food or liquid from the throat during swallowing) related to a recent stroke or acquired brain injury.The software suite includes information on the use of the biofeedback training and review screens, and how to analyze swallowing EMG signals. The suite contains data from four different clients, each with a different set of problems that were addressed using SEMG biofeedback. This allows participants to replay sessions with different training screens and practice how to use the training and review screens and the protocols.

    The Dysphagia EMG online class recordings provide 6 hours of instruction to cover the use of sEMG rehabilitation for swallowing muscle re-education and training in dysphagia (swallowing impairment). A normal swallow involves a complex sequence of muscle contraction across 25 pairs of muscles in the upper aerodigestive tract. Five cranial nerves play a major role in the neural control of this sequence. sEMG biofeedback helps participants become aware of the pattern (strength and timing) of floor-of-mouth muscle contraction in a normal swallow. The 6 hours of instruction in this class are divided into four 90-minute lecture recordings. The content is designed to help newcomers to sEMG biofeedback understand how this tool has been used to assist patients to practice specific swallowing exercises in their rehabilitation programs. Evidence regarding the use of this technique in patients with neurogenic dysphagia is reviewed. Data from prior case studies are demonstrated and participants are coached in using the software to collect their own swallowing signals. Speech Language Pathologists will find the software included in the suite allows them to apply the concepts of biofeedback training to dysphagia rehabilitation planning.

    BFE Limited Edition suites require the use of the latest version of BioGraph Infiniti software and Thought Technology Infiniti hardware.

    THIS SOFTWARE IS DELIVERED BY DIRECT DOWNLOAD and may take up to 30 minutes depending on your internet connection. 

    Download Tech Sheet

    Download the Dysphagia Protocol Sheet

     Technical support is provided free of charge through the BFE Team from Monday to Friday. Should you require assistance please contact the team directly at


    ProComp Infiniti and ProComp 5  BioGraph Infiniti version 6 users... 

    After installation of the Suite, run the "Full Upgrade of Biograph Infiniti Files" in order to update the suite to work perfectly fine on the Biograph Infiniti version 6.

    Find the "Full Upgrade of Biograph Infiniti Files" in the "BioGraph Infiniti Docs & Editors" shortcuts folder on your desk top.

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