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DC-EEG Linked Ears Kit
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DC-EEG Linked Ears Kit

Item #: ELT-8780
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Price: $75.00


    DC-EEG electrodes and ear clips are made of sintered Ag/AgCl to provide top-of-the-line performance, less low frequency noise, less offset, and less polarization and contribution to DC drift than many other types of EEG electrode*. The sleek, lightweight disc provides fast, easy placement and is less likely to move when properly applied.

    Sintered Ag/AgCl is also very well suited for use with Ten20 paste. Ten20 paste performs better and for longer with sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes than many other well-known electrode pastes and gels on the market.

    Recomended for use with the EEG-Z3 sensor and Mono-Polar/Bi-Polar DC electrode set.

    This kit is used in conjunction with one (1) monopolar/bipolar kit (T8775). It allows users to “link” two ear clips using a Y-connector. It is recommended for single EEG-Z3 sensor purchases to add a linked ear reference.

    This kit contains the following components:

    SA7675DC-EEG Ag/AgCl disc electrode - black
    SA9322Y  DC-EEG Ag/AgCl ear clip - yellow
    SA93192M1F Y-connector
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