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    The ALERT Pro is just like the Delight Pro, AVE and CES, but with all the special ALERT sessions designed exclusively for Mind Alive by Michael Joyce.

    The ALERT (Attentive Living through Energizing, Restorative Technology) is the result of 20 years of combined expertise and research by Michael Joyce of Personal Resource Strategies and David Siever of Mind Alive Inc.

    Michael Joyce has completed two studies using the DAVID systems to treat ADD/ADHD. His first study involved 30 primary school children from two schools (which was published in the Journal of Neurotherapy) and his second study included 204 children from seven schools, which he completed while he was the Director of Neurotechnology at A Chance to Grow, a special-needs charter school in Minneapolis.

    Both studies showed that ADD behaviours were reduced significantly and reading improved with AVE. Michael used the DAVID's unique patented field stimulation ability to generate a different frequency in each hemisphere of the brain. With this technique and a Symptom Survey checklist developed by Michael, he was able to create DAVID sessions that could stimulate or calm the left, right or both hemispheres depending on the symptoms checked off by the child's parents.

    Over time, Michael has refined and developed these sessions based on the checklist to produce benefits in specific areas. Now, all of this expertise has been put into the DAVID ALERT.

    People with ADD or ADHD often struggle with other issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive challenges and drug abuse. There are roughly 102 CES studies addressing these issues. There are also CES studies showing boosts in IQ and attention.


    AVE User’s Guide -An Introduction to Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE)

    To ensure safe, gentle and effective audio-visual entrainment,the DAVID ALERT PRO offers the following:

    • Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets - Our unique Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets were carefully designed to provide you with the most effective and safe light and sound experience. This special patented process allows the Delight to stimulate a different frequency in each hemisphere of the brain. This is essential for mood boosting and mental performance. The Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets for the Delight use eight blue-tinted white LEDs mounted over a silver reflector behind a translucent screen. This disperses the light evenly. Our Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets are specially designed to allow for the left and right visual fields of each eye to be individually stimulated rather than the entire eye. With the Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets, the lights flash into the left visual fields of both eyes, then alternately flashes into the right visual fields of both eyes. This approach allows the ability to stimulate either visual cortex with a frequency different from the other visual cortex. For example, a person who functions strongly from the left brain could have 8 Hz stimulated into the right visual field (and therefore the left brain) to slow down left brain function and have 18 Hz stimulated into the left visual field to increase right brain function.
    • Isochronic Pulsed Tones, Binaural Beats and Monaural Beats - The isochronic pulsed tones are evenly spaced, are of equal pitch and are turned on and off at a specified rate. This is important to enhance the effectiveness of audio entrainment. The monaural beats are similar to the isochronic pulsed tones, but turn on and off more gently and therefore are smoother, fuller beats and are recommended for those who find the pulse tones too stimulating. The binaural beats are two pure tones (one in each ear)and are perceived to have a beat.
    • Soft-OffTM - The gradual lowering of the lights and tones at the end of the session prevents a startle response (also known as somnatic shock). Soft-OffTM ensures that relaxation and other benefits carry over even after a session has ended.
    • Battery Power Indicator - At a quick glance you can tell if your battery has enough power to run your session. New eyeset technology allows for much longer life for your 9-volt battery.
    • Easy-To-Find Power, Intensity and Volume Buttons - The power, intensity and volume buttons are raised so that you can make the necessary adjustments easily and quickly, even with your eyes closed. Adjust the intensity of the OmniscreenTM Eyeset with the easy-to-find INT button.
    • 24 Preset Sessions- Two sessions in each category: Energize, Meditate, Brain Booster, Sleep and Mood Booster.
    • Sound Sync Sessions - Each category also has a Sound Sync Session to turn your music into an intriguing light show. All sessions include HRV and begin with a 3-stage process that enhances dissociation

    About Cranial-Electro Stimulation (CES)

    Expected Results with CES

    CES devices send tiny electrical impulses to the brain through a stimulation cable attached to the earlobe. CES has been shown to increase serotonin and endorphins.

    CES is an effective non-drug approach to relieve discomfort, assist with sleeping and calming of the mind.

    Although individual levels of improvement may vary, medical research reveals dramatic improvements in mental functioning including:

    • Deep Relaxation
    • Improved Memory
    • Mental Clarity
    • Mood Elevation
    • Improved Learning
    • Sound Sleep
    • Increased Concentration
    • Increased Vitality
    • Reduction of Psychosomatic Conditions
    • Assisting Substance Abuse Recovery

    Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES) was developed in the Soviet Union in the late 1940s as a treatment for insomnia and has since been used by millions of people all over the world. Most research over the past 25 years has shown that CES reduces anxiety and improves cognition in recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Pete Townsend, formerly of the band "The Who", found CES was the most effective treatment for his drug addiction recovery.

    Research demonstrates that CES produces a mild stimulation in the hypothalamic area of the brain, resulting in balancing neurotransmitter activity (in particular Beta Endorphin and Norepinephrine). The effects achieved are similar to that of a "jogger's high".

    About Microcurrent Electro Therapy (MET)

    Although electromedicine has been in existence for well over a thousand years, developments in electronics and new research has seen this technology grow at a terrific rate in recent years. Microcurrent Eletro Therapy is very different than traditional TENS because MET produces its benefits in part on a cellular level. MET has longer lasting effects than TENS. MET is also referred to as Micro-TENS.

    The concept of MET, in part, on Arndt’s Law, which states that weak stimuli excite physiological activity, whereas medium-strength stimuli will encourage it and strong stimuli will suppress it.

    It is believed that MET delivered at around 500 micro-amps in the 0.5 to 3 Hz range may be most effective for treating pain.

    Comprehensive Operator's Manual

    User’s Guide

    All Mind Alive AVE and CES products are fully guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the products to us prepaid within 30 days of purchase date, and we will refund your money (subject to a 15% restocking fee). We offer a one-year warranty on all parts and labour for all of our products. Warning

    The Oasis Pro and Oasis II are not recognized as a treatment or cure of any medical condition or disability. However, research suggests that CES is an effective relaxation and meditation tool.

    At Mind Alive Inc. it is our commitment to provide our customers with superior products that promote a healthier and higher quality of life. We are also committed to providing exceptional customer service.

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    The Benefits of Combining CES with AVE When Treating ADD & ADHD - by Dave Siever

    Over the years, some of our customers have been requesting that we upload the ALERT-ADHD sessions into the Pal36 with CES and the Delight Pro products, as they found that adding CES boosted the effect of the AVE on their clients.
    So I decided to investigate the research on CES as it relates to ADD & ADHD. I was impressed enough to take action. So, Mind Alive has decided to make the ALERT-Pro, an ALERT with CES added. Here is the research that we used in deciding to add CES to the ALERT. Introduction
    Children with ADD/ADHD and behavioural disorders (BD) often struggle with compounded issues such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, poor cognition (mental performance) and a tendency to experiment with drugs. There are several studies using CES to help with these concerns, as shown in Table 1. Parents and clinicians using the ALERT are experiencing very positive results and those that have used AVE with CES say that effects are enhanced when using both together.
    Table 1. Compilation of Studies Using CES. (Ray Smith, 2008)

    Syndrome Studied # of Studies # of Subjects Avg. Improvement
    Insomnia 18 648 67%
    Depression 18 853 47%
    Anxiety 38 1495 58%
    Cognitive Dysfunction 13 648 44%
    Drug Abstinence 15 535 60%

    A study by Ray Smith (1992), of 23 ADD children using CES for 45 minutes per day for three weeks showed profound effects in reducing state anxiety (anxiety in the moment) and trait anxiety (overall anxiety) and depression (Figure 1). A follow-up after 18 months showed that the effects were still holding quite well. Ray also measured IQ and found significant improvements (Figure 2), which also held over 18 months. Figure 1. Improvements in Stress Measures Following Treatment with CES in IQ Following Treatment with CES.

    Figure 2. Imrovements
    A 1999 controlled study (n=21) by Susan Southworth, on attention and concentration of normal students found that one session of CES for just 20 minutes improved attention by 31%, whereas the placebo group improved by only 4%.

    Conclusion There certainly is ample research demonstrating the effectiveness of CES for treating both mood and performance, which may be used as an adjunct to AVE stimulation.

    Using flashing lights and pulsing tones, we can gently and safely guide the brain into various brainwave states. This is commonly known as audio-visual entrainment or brainwave entrainment.

    These brainwave patterns are typically grouped into four different categories: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each of these brainwave patterns is associated with various states of mind.

    Beta Waves are quick, low amplitude waves of 14 to 40 times per second (Hz). Beta brainwave patterns are generated naturally when in an awake, focused and alert state of consciousness.

    Alpha Waves are between 8 and 13 Hz and occur during sensorial rest (eg. when the eyes are closed), intellectual relaxation, deep relaxation or meditation. Alpha brainwave rhythms produce: peaceful feelings, warm hands and feet, a sense of well-being, improved sleep, improved academic performance, increased productivity in the workplace, reduced anxiety and improved immune functioning. It is believed that many creative geniuses, such as Einstein, were in a semi-permanent Alpha state.

    Alpha/Theta Border are the Schumann Resonance and the State Five Meditation sessions. At the Alpha/Theta border (7 to 8 Hz), exceptional insights and personal transforming experiences can occur.

    Theta Waves are between 4 and 8 Hz and are commonly referred to as the dream or "twilight" state. Theta is associated with hypnogogic states, REM and dreaming. Memory development is enhanced in this state. In the Theta brainwave state, memory is improved (particularly long term memory), and access to unconscious material, reveries, free association, sudden insight and creative ideas is increased.

    Delta Waves are observed when in a sleeping state. As we fall asleep the dominant natural brainwave becomes Delta. Delta waves are the slowest of brainwaves spanning from 1 to 4 Hz in frequency. There is growing evidence that individuals may maintain a slightly conscious state while in Delta.

    DAVID SESSION EDITOR is available at an additional cost. It provides programmability for all functions such as: rates, volume, intensity, tones, number of replays, etc. It includes a complete library of preset sessions to use as templates to help you design your own sessions. The library also includes an "erase all" DAVID wave file - for any clinician to install a "prescription" of only the sessions that the clinician wants the client to use. Clinicians can also set the number of times a session can be played. After all of the sessions have been played, the client would need to return to the clinician for a "refill". This allows the clinician to closely monitor which sessions are being used and how often they are being used.

    Preset Sessions DAVID ALERT

    Session Number Description Session Time
    Group 1 - Relaxation (Promote relaxation, dissociation and proper breathing)
    1 Relax 1 21 min
    2 Relax 2 21 min
    3 Relax 3 21 min
    4 Relax 4 21 min
    5 Alpha and Theta for Sleep 36 min
    Group 2 - Left Hemisphere (Improve mood and logical thinking)
    1 Improve Mood and Logic 1 21 min
    2 Improve Mood and Logic 2 22 min
    3 Mood Booster 1 30 min
    4 Mood Booster 2 42 min
    Group 3 - Right Hemisphere (Settle hyperactivity)
    1 Settle Hyperactivity 1 21 min
    2 Settle Hyperactivity 2 21 min
    3 Settle Hyperactivity 3 20 min
    Group 4 - Whole Brain (Balance instability with Alpha, Beta and SMR)
    1 Instability 1 21 min
    2 Instability 2 21 min
    3 ADD and Learning 26 min
    Extra Sessions
    1 Extended Schumann 40 min
    2 SMR for reading 20 min
    3 SMR for reading 60 min
    4 Roller Coaster 7 min
    5 Beta Perker 20 min
    Sound Sync - -


    • Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets and Carry Case
    • Quality Stereo Headphones
    • CES Earclip Stimulus Cable
    • Stereo Patch Cord
    • DAVID Carry Bag
    • 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
    • AC Adapter
    • Comprehensive Operator's Manual (click to preview in pdf format)
    • User’s Guide with Symptom Survey Checklist
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