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EEG User Bands w/ EMG, HRV and Respiration
EEG Suite by Thought Technology - SWR-7950
EEG Suite by Thought Technology - SWR-7950
EEG Suite by Thought Technology - SWR-7950
EEG Suite by Thought Technology - SWR-7950
EEG Suite by Thought Technology - SWR-7950
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EEG Suite by Thought Technology

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    New Specialized Application Suites

    Thought Technology is proud to launch two new specialized application suites for BioGraph Infiniti. The EEG Suite and the Physiology Suite take full advantage of the latest functions and features of our powerful multimedia biofeedback software, like DVD movie control, and provide complete control over your entire clinical process, from assessment, to training, to reporting and demonstrating outcome. Both Suites will run with the FlexCompProComp Infiniti,  ProComp 5 and ProComp 2 encoders and many of the screens and scripts come in versions for one and for two monitor configurations.

    A full range of clinical tools
    Each suite includes all the display screens you need for:

    • Verifying signal quality and adjusting sensor placement
    • Monitoring and assessing physiological functions
    • Recording biofeedback training sessions
    • Reviewing recorded data for the purpose of artifact rejection
    • Generating session reports and demonstrating the learning curves

    EEG Suite
    Standard and user-defined protocols
    The EEG Suite offers over 80 display screens for many standard EEG protocols, including an outstanding alpha-theta training screen and a number of template-style screens for training with 3, 6 or 10 user-defined EEG bands. The standard protocols can be used for training alpha amplitude (range), alpha peak frequency, alpha theta, beta amplitude, SMR amplitude, theta beta, theta SMR and wide band inhibit.

    The EEG Suite also provides you with advanced tools for assessment and follow-up, including pre and post-training baseline assessment scripts and a 4-activity EEG assessment script for recording baselines with eyes-open, eyes-closed, and during a mental challenge and a listening task.

    Include physiological components
    The EEG suite incorporates a set of EEG screens which combine most useful physiological feedback elements. You can, for example, run a neurofeedback session, training 3 user-defined EEG bands, and do basic heart rate variability biofeedback at the same time or train EEG with EMG, skin conductance and temperature.

    EEG Suite features include:

    • On-the-fly cut-off frequency adjustments
    • Impedance detection
    • Auto-threshold instruments with user-specified target percentage of time
    • Single and dual-monitor display screens
    • Real-time epoch statistics for instant trend graphing
    • Out-of-this world alpha-theta relaxation script

    Must have Thought Technology's BioGraph 5.1.1 or later to run the EEG Suite

    BioGraph Infiniti PC System Requirements:

    Minimum Recommended Processor 1.8 GHz, Dual-core CPU Quad-core CPU, Intel i5

    Operating systems (supported) (32 and 64 bit versions) - Microsoft® Windows® 8, Pro, Enterprise - Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate with SP1. - Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 2. - Microsoft® Windows® XP Prof. or Home Ed.with SP3.

    Memory (RAM)
    1 GB (Windows® XP) or
    2 GB (Vista® or Windows® 7/8).
    2 GB (Windows® XP) or
    3 GB (Vista® or Windows® 7/8).

    Hard Disk space
    2.5 GB available to install and run
    50 GB or more to save video and sessions data

    Video / Graphics card With 256MB memory, with 1024x768 resolution support. At least 1 GB of dedicated memory. (Example: ATI Radeon 5770, with 1280x1024 resolution and dual monitor support.)

    Monitor At least one which supports resolution of 1024 x 768 and higher. Two monitors which support resolution of 1280x1024 and higher.

    Other necessary components:

    •  DVD-ROM drive.
    •  Adequate number of USB ports depending on the intended system usage (1-4 for Pro/Flex Infiniti encoders, 2 for webcams, 1 for TT AV Sync, mouse, keyboard, printer)
    •  Mouse or any other compatible pointing device.
    •  32-bit compatible sound card & speakers.
    •  Compact Flash Reader (for use with compact flash card only).
    •  Up to two webcams with built-in microphone (if recording video). Frame rate 30fps, Microsoft® recommended.
    • Microsoft® Office with Word® and Excel® (for report generation and printing). Microsoft Office 'Home and Student' DOES NOT WORK with the BioGraph Infiniti reporting functions.
    •  High-speed Internet access (for updating software and receiving technical support).

    IS7915 Rev.6

    Thought Technology Ltd.
    8205 Montreal-Toronto Blvd. Suite 223, Montreal West Quebec , H4X 1N1 Canada
    Tel: 800-361-3651 (514) 489-8251 Fax: (514) 489-8255


    • Tele-Infiniti CF (T9600) version 3.2.1 or higher is compatible with 64-bit Windows® operating systems. Version 3.1 or lower is compatible with 32-bit Windows®.
    • When using Windows® 8 or Windows® 7 Home Basic or Professional or Windows Vista® Home Basic or Business, additional codecs must be installed to view camera and DVD.
    • Low speed CPUs (1.8 GB) may be sluggish when running screens with big number of instruments per screen.
    • If using 2 webcams for video recording, it is strongly suggested to use recommended PC requirements.
    • If using TT-AV Sync functionality, please refer to possibly additional system requirements from appropriate suite manual.
    • The following apply to BioGraph Infiniti 6.0 and its application suites:
    • BioGraph Infiniti is a 32-bit software program.
    • BioGraph Infiniti software installation must run with Administrator privileges.
    • BioGraph Infiniti software and application suites are installed for All Users on a per-machine basis.
    • The BioGraph Infiniti system must be installed on the PC where the database is/will be located.
    • BioGraph Infiniti is not designed for use in a networked environment


    The EEG Suite contains 6 scripts and more than 100 screens (over 21 from expert clinicians) for 1 or 2-channel EEG on 1 or 2 monitors. It comes with both standard protocols and a variety of template screens for user-defined protocols:

    • Standard Bands: Alpha, Alpha peak frequency, Alpha-Theta, Low-high Beta, Beta-Theta, SMR-Theta, Wide-band inhibit, etc.
    • 3 User Bands: 1 reward (up), 2 inhibits (down)
    • 6 User Bands: 2 rewards (up), 4 inhibits (down)
    • Multiple Bands: 1 reward, 9 inhibits

    The EEG Suite also offers many advanced tools for assessment and follow-up:

    • Pre/Post-training baseline assessment scripts
    • A 4-activity EEG assessment script: eyes-open, eyes-closed, and 2 tasks
    • Cross-session trend tools to show your client’s progress
    • A set of hybrid EEG and peripheral integrated biofeedback screens

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