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Spectra 360 - a slightly thinner consistancy alternative to Ten20 paste for sensative skin.
Spectra 360 - a slightly thinner consistancy alternative to Ten20 paste for sensative skin.
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Spectra 360 - 8.5 oz - 2 pack

Item #: MED- 01535
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Price: $14.99

    • Non-gritty STAY-WET® formula allows for prolonged use without re-application.
    • Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic.
    • Salt-free, no sodium ion transfer
    2 pack of 8.5 oz tubes

    The only salt-free and chloride-free electrically conductive gel, recommended for all electromedical procedures, except defibrillation.

    Salt-free characteristics make it particularly suitable for long-term applications. Spectra 360 differs significantly from all other electrically conductive media; it works by wetting the skin, thereby reducing skin resistance.
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    • 800-400-0334

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