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Mind Media's BioTrace+, and EEGer

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Zukor's Grind

Item #: SWR 90000
Availability: In Stock
Usually ships In 1-3 Business Days
Price: $495.00

    For BrainMaster and EEGer only - Enter your S/N or Dongle number here (optional) Max: 9 character(s)
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    Newly Added:

    Level 4 Infinity Tunnel (never the same - always changing environment)

    12 additional Bonus Characters!

    Available for purchase and installation on these formats:
    Thought Technology's BioGraph Infiniti, BrainMaster (all software and amplifiers), Mind Media's BioTrace+, EEGer, Evoke Neuroscience,
    and NeuroGuide

  • Zukor's Grind is a next-generation feedback game for use in neurofeedback and biofeedback designed by professional game developers under the guidance of clinical practitioners.
  • Zukor's Grind benefits neurofeedback and biofeedback clinicians by giving them an unprecedented level of control of the patient feedback experience to increase both treatment efficacy and patient retention.
  • Zukor's Grind’s youth-oriented graphics and skateboarding theme are perfect for use with teens, pre-teens and young adults, or anyone that is young at heart.
  • Zukor's Grind’s is compatible with and optimized for EEG Education & Research's EEGer.

  • See Specifications for minimum computer requirements

    Highly Customizable & Options Galore

    Zukor’s Grind offers an unprecedented amount of features, options and customizability to fit the needs of the individual clinician’s feedback training style, as well as the unique needs of each patient. Clinicians frustrated by current feedback games’ lack of options will be amazed to see that Zukor’s Grind has 9 separate areas of options, each of which have up to 55 individual choices.

    Clinicians use varied neurofeedback and biofeedback protocols, so feedback games should be flexible as well. Zukor’s Grind does just that and allows the clinician to adjust the game to fit their individual needs. This extensive level of choice and control provide myriad benefits for both clinicians and patients, including those discussed below.

    Patient Profiles Clinicians can create feedback game profiles for each patient which will store all feedback game options, settings and scores for that patient in a HIPPA-compliant format. This means the clinician does not have to reset the options each time for each patient. The game will remember what was used last time. What’s more, the Patient Profile includes a “Nickname” feature so each patient can select a fun nickname for themselves which is displayed on the Scores screen.

    Period/Session Options Clinicians can easily setup the number of periods per session, the length of each period and the optional Auto-Restart Next Period at a desired time interval

    Threshold Meter Options The clinician can separately turn on or off the reward or inhibit meters. Plus, there are five different styles of inhibit meters available, from the approach used in most current games to new meter styles which use more intuitive visual concepts and innovative graphical depictions.

    Note: Zukor's Grind licenses are attached to the computer in which they are originally installed, not your EEG Software license. They cannot be moved or transferred to another computer.


    Note: Most computers sold within the last two years will meet these requirements.

    Your computer system needs to meet the below requirements to properly run Zukorʼs Grind. Computer systems which donʼt meet these requirements may be able to run the game, but might encounter issues ranging from minor to extreme. Please note that these computer systems requirements are in alignment with those of the neurofeedback/biofeedback system companies.


    Windows 7 on a regular PC or on a Mac (via Bootcamp).

    NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports many versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have downloaded and installed ALL Windows 7 updates PRIOR TO INSTALLING and running Zukor's Grind. Failure to do this may lead to improper operation of the game.


    Dedicated graphics card with at least 512 MB dedicated video memory.

    NOTE: Systems which do not meet these graphic requirements will still likely play the game, but may require graphic adjustments within the game to reduce graphics quality so the game will play smoothly.


    Two monitors. (Game monitor should be “widescreen” and 21+ inches.)

    NOTE 1: A second monitor which meets the above requirements is a very inexpensive investment available from EEG Sales LLC.

    NOTE 2: If using a laptop computer, the laptop screen counts as one monitor.

    NOTE 3: Video projectors, Plasma TVs and LCD TVs usually work as well, but could require the Windows graphic settings to be adjusted.

    Game Display Options
    The clinician can separately turn off different types of in-game, on-screen displays, such as speed meter, time, scores, etc.

    Game Sound Options The clinician can separately turn off different types of in-game environmental sounds, such as skateboarding sounds, character sounds, etc. while not effecting the Reward Waves Sound.

    Graphics Configuration Clinicians can adjust the graphics quality lower or higher to meet the capabilities of their specific computer system.

    Levels Clinicians can chose from three unique levels with increasing length and complexity. Zukor’s Grind levels are not just different colored tunnels, background photos or clip art, but rather truly unique, fully-developed and highly-imaginative paths populated by an array of diverse, interesting objects.

    Level Object Options Each of the levels can be modified by the clinician by turning off individual objects, turning off groups of objects or turning off all objects. This allows the clinician to custom-tailor the game to their feedback protocol. It is also a simple way to “dial up or down” the visual stimulation of the game

    The objects within the game vary greatly and include real-world and fantasy objects of varying maturity, from juvenile to serious. However, the objects overall are geared towards kids (teens and pre-teens), but many have historical significance. A few objects move, but most are static to reduce distractions. Some emit sound, but most do not.

    Time of Day Options The clinician can have the game environment appear as day or night (with moonlight). Another “Time of Day” alternative is the “Moving Sun” mode where the “sun” moves 360 degrees around the “Concrete Paradise” game environment. The “Time of Day” options in Zukor’s Grind, do more than add variety. They offer the clinician a powerful tool to control the “mood” of the game and thus support the desired patient treatment protocol.

    Feedback Game Features: Advanced

    Auditory Feedback Options Clinicians can select from a broad array of high-quality sounds from both music instruments and synthetic sources, including both a low and high pitch version for each sound. Clinicians can also set the auditory feedback sound’s delay interval in milliseconds. Importantly, the auditory feedback sound volume can be adjusted separately from the game’s environmental sounds. Together these offer total control of the patient’s auditory feedback sound experience.

    Speed Change Rate Variable This advanced setting allows clinicians to adjust how dramatically the character responds to changes in EEG or biometric data which can be very useful for certain treatment protocols. The clinician is able to easily change the variable in the gameplay dynamics algorithm which controls the “rate of speed change” of the character. It does not change how “fast” the character responds, but how “much.” Likewise, it also does not change the delay of the speed change because the character always responds instantly to changes in EEG or biometric data. However, the perception will be that if the Speed Change Rate is “more” that the character is responding quicker.

    Characters The clinician can chose from human and non-human characters. There is a teenage boy, named Biff, and a teenage girl, named Buffy. The non-human characters are labeled as Bonus Characters but the clinician can select them at any time. These characters are a great way to reward a patient for reaching certain treatment goals.

    The Bonus Characters can be hidden on the Characters page so they are not visible as an option until the clinicians is ready to reveal them to the patient.


    In addition to months of technical testing by our programmers and technical testing team, Zukor's Grind also underwent extensive clinical testing supervised by Dr. Allen Novian, our chief clinical advisor. During the five months prior to Zukor's Grind's release, he and four other clinicians tested Zukor's Grind by using it for their patients' visual and auditory feedback in conjunction with the neurofeedback and biofeedback systems used in their offices.

    Although the majority of patients with whom the game was tested were teenagers, both male and female, with diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, the ages of patients ranged from 7 to 55. The results of testing showed that both children and adults responded well to Zukor's Grind as a form of feedback.

    Brain Waves

    Presenting Issues of the Testing Group

    In addition to the wide age range with which Zukor's Grind was tested, a variety of presenting issues were present in the testing group as well, including the following.

    • ADD Inattentive
    • ADHD Impulse
    • Anxiety
    • Emotional Stability
    • ADHD Attentive
    • ADHD Inattentive
    • Asperger’s Disorder
    • Explosive Disorder
    • ADHD Hyperactive
    • Adult ADHD Inattentive
    • Dysgraphia
    • Sensory Processing Disorder
    • Sleep Regulation

    Patient Comments

    Zukor’s Grind is so much better to play over and over than ----- ---- and the other neurofeedback games. I don’t get bored and it is fun to try to get a high score each period. The tricks are pretty cool also. Next time I want to move up on Top Session Scores. I am currently in 4th place.

    SkatemanAge 14, Male, ADHD Impulsive
    I like the speed meter. It helps me to know what I am doing wrong and to refocus, better than the thresholds. I can tell when I look away and lose focus and help me stay focused. Better than that ------- ------- one.

    SparkyAge 49, Male, ADHD Inattentive
    This is better than ----- ----. It’s not so boring. I like this because it has people, aliens, and zombies. I especially like the shark!

    NicksterAge 9, Female, ADHD Inattentive
    Radioactive chickens and zombies in goo. This game is better than the others, because it has more detail and options.

    ImmortalAge 12, Male, ADD Inattentive
    Great graphics! On Level 3, nice way to include zombies, aliens, Stonehenge and The monolith. I like the Indian on a Segway. I like the Score Screen with high scores to compete against. The game at night is best!

    Blorp BlopAge 12, Male, Asperger
    This game is more interesting. I can tell the changes in my focus better with speed meter rather than bar graphs.

    RedAge 14, Male, ADD Inattentive
    I like the night time mode. It looks neat! I like it with just the speed meter. It helps to look at the star in the speed meter to keep the skateboarder doing tricks.

    Black TigerAge 10, Male, ADHD Inattentive
    What I liked about the game was that the character move around in the environment. My favorite part was the techno chicken!

    WAAAFAALEAge 11, Male, ADHD Attentive
    I really like trying to beat mine and others people’s scores.

    Twister-SpeedAge 9, Male, ADHD Impulsive, Sensory Processing Disorder, Explosive Disorder

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