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2EB+ Neurofeedback Device by BrainMaster
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2.5SE SW Upgrade from 2.0

Item #: BM533-130
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    For improved time and frequency response. 2.5SE is a software release that provides a separate set of folders and settings, all of which will operate at 256 samples per second for increased resolution and improved time and frequency response for assessment and training purposes.

    Features include new Flash Games, Event Wizard, Math Wizard, and so much more. Additional improvements in control and protocol processing are also provided.

    When used with a standard 2E Module, 2.5SE software provides superior training to 40Hz. In addition, 2.5SE supports the 2EW module which provides training capability to 60 Hz. Please note: You must own BrainMaster 2.0 Software to upgrade at this price.

    Affiliates call for pricing

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