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David Delight  David Delight,Delight,David,Mind Alive,AVE,TENS,Dave Siever
Price: $295.00
David Delight Plus David Delight Plus,Delight Plus,david Plus,Mind Alive,Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE),mental focus,mental clarity,increased memory,sleep quality
Price: $350.00
David Delight Pro David,Delight,Pro,David Delight Pro,Delight Pro,Mind Alive,Audio Visual Entrainment,AVE,CES,cranio-electro stimulation,Stimulation,Dave Siever
Retail: $525.00
Oasis Pro Oasis Pro,Oasis,oasis pro,Mind Alive,David,Audio-Visual Entrainment,AVE,Audio-Visual Entrainment,(AVE),CES,cranial-electro stimulation,TENS,Transcranial DC Stimulation,Dave Siever
Price: $450.00
 DAVID ALERT David Alert,Alert,ADD,ADDHD,ADD/ADDHD,Delight,David Pro, Mind Alive,David,david alert,,Audio-Visual Entrainment,AVE,CES,cranial-electro stimulation,TENS,Transcranial DC Stimulation,Dave Siever
Price: $395.00
Retail: $395.00
 DAVID ALERT PRO David Alert Pro,Alert Pro,ADD,ADDHD,ADD/ADDHD,Delight,David Pro, Mind Alive,David,David Pro,david alert,david alert pro,Audio-Visual Entrainment,AVE,CES,cranio-electro stimulation,TENS,Transcranial DC Stimulation,Dave Siever
Price: $575.00
Mind Alive Accessories at EEG Sales
Price: $20 - $80
Products 1-10 of 10
  • EEG Sales LLC
  • 800-400-0334

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EEG Sales LLC offers a full and comprehensive list of quality products and supplies at competitively discounted prices for practitioners of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. EEG Sales is an authorized distributor for Thought Technology and an authorized reseller for BrainMaster Technologies. We are proud to offer IMA Electronics hand-crafted electrodes and many of the finest equipment and supply brands available. Customer service and quality of product are top priorities with EEG Sales.

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