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48" Silver/Silver Chloride Lead and Ear Clip electrodes

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    48" Silver/Silver-Chloride Special Flat Ear Clip and Lead EEG Electrode available in Ag/AgCi electroplate on solid cast pure silver (99.9%), polished 10mm electrodes and a standard 1.5mm (.059) DIN safety plug with "no tangle" wiring.

    Nicolet Scientific Instruments EEG electrodes transmit stable and clean signals for precise EEG measurements. The silver/silver chloride electroplate on flat solid silver electrode is designed as a direct replacement for a 10mm gold cup electrode and has a very low DC offset potential, minimal motion artifact and good low frequency response. The electrodes are terminated in a 1.5mm (.060in) female blue safety connectors meeting the DIN standard.

    LOW DRIFT AND MOTION ARTIFACT DESIGN The specially compounded sensing element of silver/silver chloride is the key to precision low drift design. As a result, offset voltage and polarization-two key performance parameters, are unsurpassed. The electrodes never need to be chloridized.

    ECONOMY/PERFORMANCE  EEG silver/silver chloride electrodes can be used many dozens of times and maintain their quality performance characteristics. Performance is significantly superior to gold and silver cup electrodes.

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