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Alive Home Version by Somatic Vision
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Alive Home Version by Somatic Vision

Item #: SWR-7000Alive Home only emWave
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Alive is designed to help with:

  • Improved performance in school, sports and at work.
  • The ability to stay relaxed and balanced in challenging situations.
  • The ability to enter a relaxation state whenever you want.
  • Kids who need to better regulate themselves: They build these skills while playing fun video games.

Also available in The Alive Clinical Version for professionals, schools or advanced users wanting all of Alive's features.

Note: Either an iFeel Sensor, emWave ear or finger sensor, and/or or  IOM finger sensors are a necessary element of Alive.

Software is available by download only. You will receive an acknowledgement of your order and a software serial number by email within 24 hours of your completed order. Hardware will be shipped separately.

Training for stress relief & peak performance

Play games engineered to help you better manage stress and achieve better emotional and mental balance.

Alive gives you an array of fun and engaging software games and tools designed to help you build skills that will improve your mental and physical performance — helping you meet your personal goals.

Alive, which also integrates coaching and performance tracking, uses active feedback technology which has been proven effective in helping people achieve better mental agility and better performance in physically and emotionally demanding job and life situations. Play just 10 minutes a day and see a big difference in your life!

The Alive Coach

As you play the Alive Games and explore the Environments, the Coach stays with you throughout the entire experience, evaluating your progress, and helping you maximize the effectiveness of Alive — suggesting alternative programs and approaches as you play.

Alive Environments

For training and development. Gorgeous visual environments to explore as you pace your breathing and smooth your heart rate include:

  • Alive Environments Breath SpiralMove shiny particles in a 3D space as you inhale and exhale. Paced breathing creates a smoother heart and expands a disc of particles into spiraling waves.
  • Alive Environments Shape ShifterThe smoother your heart rate, the brighter a geometric shape becomes. Keep it smooth to see it morph into new forms.
  • Alive Environments Metal PulseUse paced breathing to turn undulating waves from orange to an intense blue.
  • Alive Environments PlasmaUse the pacer on the screen to smooth your heart rate and make undulating plasma appear. Slow the plasma by dropping your heart rate.
  • Alive Environments Tropical OceanRelax to make the wind blow the palm fronds and the wave sounds intensify.
  • Alive Audio EnvironmentsClose your eyes, sink back into your chair, and breathe to smooth your heart rate. The more even your heart rate changes are, the more enveloping the music and relaxing sounds become. Choose from Rain, Stream, Waves, and Memory.

Alive Screen Shots

Alive Games

The most fun part of Alive. Includes Dual Drive Pro Manual, Dual Drive Pro Autopilot, and an assortment of Alive Mini Games, including:

  • Dream House— Build a dream house from the ground up, beginning in the morning and finishing by parking your car in the new garage at sundown.
  • Green Thumb — Make a gorgeous hyacinth bloom and wow you with its showy ultramarine flowers
  • Four Seasons — Propel a natural scene through all four seasons, enjoying spring showers, lush summer foliage, fall thunderstorms and the bare beauty of winter.
  • Alien Shuttle — Complete your alien mission by finding your way to the docking station in the mothership.
  • Night Flight — Enjoy navigating through a twinkling and busy cityscape.

Alive Add-on Games

Alive can be expanded with additional fun games. All games below require Alive and an Alive compatible sensor.

DreamScapes for Alive
Explore relaxing, super high-quality, environments. Draw, compose music, play Sudoku, crosswords and more.

Mega game pack for Alive

Advanced Media Player for Alive
Train with DVDs and video files

Tropical Heat Jet Ski for Alive
Escape to the tropics for a jet ski adventure

Particle Editor 3 for Alive
100 fun and relaxing mini-game environments

Inner Tube 3 for Alive
Race against the clock with 4 space ships through 80 tunnel levels

Minimum System Requirements:

    • Alive Active Feedback Hardware — BioSignals, iFeel, HeartMath emWave or Wild Divine Lightstone or IOM finger sensors (*IomPE & IomBlue not supported)
    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
      - or -
      macOS 10.10 - macOS 13 compatible with certain Alive sensors. See macOS Requirements Here.
    • 2.0 GHz Processor, i5 or greater recommended
    • Dedicated Video Card with 512 MB of Dedicated Video Memory (almost any nVidia or AMD card)
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 3 GB of Disk Space
    • Internet connection recommended (enables updates and community features)
    • Alive may work even if your computer does not meet the minimum video card requirements. If you are unsure if Alive will work on your computer please download OpenGL Caps Viewer and make sure your OpenGL version is 2.0 or higher (on the first tab of OpenGL Caps Viewer, next to OpenGL, it should say OpenGL 2.0 or higher).

The iFeel Sensor is a comfortable, hospital-grade, USB or Bluetooth heart rate sensor.

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  • info@eegsales.com

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