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Passive-Infrared Hemoencephalography (pIR HEG)

Item #: BFE-165-piIv5
Availability: by download only- link and/or passkey emailed.
Price: $150.00

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    BioGraph version 6 users see "Additional Info" Tab

    Ernesto Korenman, Ph.D.

    HEG biofeedback is an effective and drugless treatment for many neuropsychological conditions. Passive infrared (pIR) HEG is the measurement of heat (temperature) of the frontal lobes. As the frontal lobe works harder, more oxygenated blood is brought to region and the skin surface temperature increases which is what the pIR HEG thermogenic sensors detect. Thought Technology's pIR HEG Headgear sensor is required for the suite`s correct operation. Monitoring of EEG and physiology (heart rate, respiration, skin conductance, peripheral temperature, sEMG) data is also possible is the user has access to those sensors as well. Please note that this is the Passive-Infrared Hemoencephalography (pIR HEG) Suite, and should not be confused with the Near-Infrared Hemoencephalography (nIR HEG) suite that is also sold by the BFE. The BFE's pIR HEG suite also differs from Thought Technology's pIR HEG suite because the BFE's suite is capable of simultaneously recording/monitoring data from EEG and physiology sensors.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To function properly, BFE Limited Edition suites require the use of the latest version of BioGraph Infiniti software and Thought Technology Infiniti hardware *. If you do NOT have access to BioGraph Infiniti software and Thought Technology Infiniti hardware, the BFE software in the suite will be of NO VALUE to you.

    BFE Limited Edition suites require the use of the latest version of BioGraph Infiniti software and Thought Technology Infiniti hardware.

    THIS SOFTWARE IS DELIVERED BY DIRECT DOWNLOAD and may take up to 30 minutes depending on your internet connection.  

    Download Tech Sheet

    For BioGraph Infiniti version 6 users... After installation of the Suite, run the "Full Upgrade of Biograph Infiniti Files" in order to update the suite to work perfectly fine on the Biograph Infiniti version 6.

    Find the "Full Upgrade of Biograph Infiniti Files" in the "BioGraph Infiniti Docs & Editors" shortcuts folder on your desk top.

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