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BioGraph Infiniti 6.6 by Thought Technology - SWR-7900-360
BioGraph Infiniti 6.6 by Thought Technology - SWR-7900-360
BioGraph Infiniti 6.6 by Thought Technology - SWR-7900-360
BioGraph Infiniti 6.6 by Thought Technology - SWR-7900-360
BioGraph Infiniti 6.6 by Thought Technology - SWR-7900-360
BioGraph Infiniti 6.6 by Thought Technology - SWR-7900-360
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BioGraph Infiniti 6.6 by Thought Technology

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    6.6 improvements include: Windows 10 compatible, new improved DVD Player, HTML and PDF report formats and Automatic Session Pause.

    BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all Thought Technologies Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. It provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run our specialized application Suites.

    Choose your Suite (The New 360 Suite or Rehab Suite  will be included with purchase of BioGraph 6.6). Add Suites to expand as you go. Developer Tools software also included.

    Thought Technology’s extensive software line includes the following products:

    • Clinical Software: featuring the most powerful clinical biofeedback software in the world, BioGraph Infiniti
    • Application Suites: comprehensive packages for specific applications including ready-to-use screens, computation sets, protocols and reports
    • Add-ons: additional software functionality to expand the power of BioGraph Infiniti
    • Developer Tools: programming software you can use to make your own applications

    Choose your Application Suite (360 Suite or Rehab Suite included with purchase of BioGraph 6.6). Add Suites to expand as you go.

    Application Suites

    An application suite is a grouping of screens, computations and protocols designed for a particular application.

    Each one takes full advantage of the latest functions and features of our powerful multimedia biofeedback software, like DVD movie control, and provide complete control over your entire clinical process, from assessment, to training, to reporting and demonstrating outcome. An applications suite is also created to make the most of the encoder for which it was designed.

    The new 360 Suite (replacing both the EEG Suite and Physiology Suite)

    The suite combines classic physiological biofeedback (arousal and peripheral temperature) with heart rate variability training (HRV) and neurofeedback protocols (EEG biofeedback) into one integrated package.

    The suite’s broad selection of tools includes:

    • Specialized physiological assessments
    • Self-regulation training screens
    • Biofeedback assisted relaxation therapy sessions

    The 360 Suite was designed with a number of priorities in mind, all intended to help you integrate biofeedback and neurofeedback methods into your practice with ease.

    Includes new coherence training screens with dual-threshold range training. It offers over 80 display screens for many standard EEG protocols, including an outstanding alpha-theta training screen and a number of template-style screens for training with 3, 6 or 10 user-defined EEG bands. The standard protocols can be used for training alpha amplitude (range), alpha peak frequency, alpha theta, beta amplitude, SMR amplitude, theta beta, theta SMR and wide band inhibit.

    Includes all the tools you need for multi-modality physiological assessments and over 80 display screens for training with standard physiological sensors including heart rate with EKG or blood volume pulse (BVP), electromyography (EMG), skin conductance, temperature and respiration. Using the 360 Suite, you can train self-regulation with physiological biofeedback protocols that include relaxation with EMG, temperature or skin conductance, heart rate variability with respiration and EKG or BVP and abdominal/thoracic breathing.

    The Rehab Suite
    The Rehab Suite combines Thought Technology's powerful BioGraph Infiniti software with specialized protocols, tutorials, screens, animations and statistics, designed to provide customized clinical treatment for your clients. Its flexibility in all aspects of its use, from recording options to protocols and sound and visual feedback, will enable you to reach new levels of treatment.

    BioGraph Infiniti 6 Feature Set Suite

    The BioGraph Infiniti 6 Feature Set Suite is designed to provide a set of simple bio and neurofeedback screens to clinicians who want to use their BioGraph Infiniti software system to its full capacity and with the widest range of physiological sensor possibilities, in one small toolbox.

    The suite includes channel sets for ProComp Infiniti, ProComp 5 and ProComp 2 which combine standard biofeedback, EEG neurofeedback and passive infrared (pIR) sensors. For each encoder type, you will find a collection of essential screens, implementing the most current training protocols for HRV, classic relaxation and EEG brainwave training.

    As with all Thought Technology’s specialized application suites, you are also getting the review screens you need to assess your client’s progress. Because it is released along with BioGraph version 6.0, the suite integrates a number of powerful new features which will allow you to offer your clients training capabilities that are unavailable anywhere else.

    See "Additional Information" tab for more suites and add-ons for BioGraph 6.0

    New features at a glance

    • Video Stream instrument
      With the video Stream instrument, you can play video files that are stored on your PC or stream video from the Internet. A number of “Actions” allow you to control the image, based on physiological change. Actions include shrink/enlarge, play/pause, blur, pixelate, volume loud/quiet and tunnel in/out. Build a library of videos from various sources and select the ones you want to play at the beginning of a session. Each screen has a playlist that stores your video selection. When a session ends in the middle of a movie, a bookmark is placed, so the video starts from this point at the beginning of the next session. If your favorite feedback screen has a DVD instrument on it, no worries, you can readily convert the instrument to a video stream instrument with a simple right-click menu option.
    • Auto-resizing

      BioGraph 6.2 makes your life easier by giving you the option to automatically maximize feedback screens to fit your monitor, whatever its resolution.
    • Screen Template Editor

      Suite designers can move to the next level and create feedback screens that are channel set independent. When designing a screen, you can tell each graph to look for a specific signal type. When a clinician wants to use a selected screen template with his favorite channel set, the conversion process finds the proper channel in the channel set and connects it to the instrument automatically. The screen is then saved as a regular screen.

    Exclusive DataLock Technology with Optimal Signal Quality

    One of BioGraph’s key design principles has always been to put your data’s safety first. The system is crash proof and ensures optimal signal quality. Highly accurate sensors and low noise cables ensures quality signals so you can focus on your work. Electrode impedance and arti­fact rejection are essential to clinical work. If you cannot rely on quality sensor data, you cannot ensure valid statistical analysis or demonstrate positive clinical outcomes. BioGraph Infiniti v6.0 runs on the most versatile and reli­able equipment on the market.

    Accurate Data & Powerful Reporting

    As a clinical software platform, BioGraph Infiniti analyses your data accurately and generates easy to understand reports that make your client’s clinical progress evident. New features such as:

    • Redesigned artifact rejection method to facilitates analysis.
    • Session Segmentation to improve open session processing.
    • New tools and functions to help users perform basic tasks such as exporting data from multiple sessions.

    New Look & Feel

    Version 6.0’s many enhancements will please many current and new users. BioGraph’s menus were reorganized to group functionality in logical sets. Many dialog boxes were simplified and the flow of a number of functional sequences (start session, review sessions, export data, etc) were streamlined to minimize mouse clicks and facilitate user decisions. A number of automatic default settings were implemented such as: Notch filter frequency, default temperature units and page size format. New easy screen resize function fits all monitors and is saved for the next session.

    Intuitive Interface

    Version after version, in response to your feedback, we’ve made our system easier to use in order to help you work more efficiently. BioGraph 6.0’s preferences dialog box centralises commonly used settings and allows you to tailor the system to your own needs. The Quick Start feature allows you to run pre-defined favorite sessions with a minimum of clicks. You can create your own Favorites or use those that are included as part of the Thought Technology Suites, such as the EEG or Physiology Suites.

    Blood Pressure

    Binaural Beat BioGraph can now monitor your client’s Blood Pressure before, during and after training by communicating with the AND PC Blood Pressure monitoring unit (model UA767PC). Blood pressure readings can be triggered manually, by pressing a key on the keyboard or automatically when recording a script session. For each reading, BioGraph stores the systolic and diastolic measures, as well as the time of the measure and the heart rate as calculated by the device.

    Third party blood pressure device instruction

    Exclusive EEG-Driven Binaural Beat Entrainment

    Binaural BeatThe new Binaural Beat Pacer Instrument allows you to program audio entrainment sessions which are responsive to your client’s ability to learn. The pacer’s adaptive functionality monitors your client’s dominant EEG frequency while gently leading him towards the target frequency but adjusts its pacing rate according to your client’s response.

    A Clinical System You Can Rely On!Thought Technology takes software design seriously and strives to produce professional, clinically relevant products that can be used in small practices, research laboratories, hospitals and corporate settings alike, with full confidence.

    Clinical Grade Multimedia Biofeedback BioGraph Infiniti is designed specifically for clinical work. Governed by strict ISO medical device policies, our regulatory registrations across the world and the newly released IEEE Recommendations for Neurofeedback Systems, the Infiniti platform meets the highest standards in the field and beyond.

    Additional Software Suites:

    (See also BFE software suites)

    TT-pIR Mini-Suite

    The TT-pIR Mini-Suite is designed to accompany the TT-HEadGear device to offer the basic tools for passive infrared (pIR) monitoring and biofeedback. The suite includes all the tools you need to monitor, train and follow-up on your client’s success with frontal pIR training.

    Z-Score 6 Mini-Suite
    The Z-Score Mini-Suite (NEW) includes everything you need for two and four channel z-score assessment and training. Individual z-scores, metrics describing the overall state of a number of z-scores, as well as z-score with standard EEG band amplitudes in parallel. All this with the feedback features of BioGraph Infiniti including DVD playback, AVI Animations, and single and dual monitor displays. Take advantage of the full power of BioGraph Infiniti by using Quick Start favorites, which allow you to start a session, review, report and analyze statistics with the click of a single button!

    Reaction Time Suite
    The Reaction Time Suite includes both continuous performance testing (CPT) and real sports reaction time training. The Reaction Time Suite takes standard CPT protocols (single, variable and choice) to the next level by combining reaction time data with time-locked EEG and physiology data, to allow direct linkage of response type to mind and body activity. The suite also includes training capabilities and offers unprecedented accuracy.

    The real sports reaction time protocols are designed for biofeedback training in sports that demand quick reactions to trigger events. It includes screens for baseball, tennis, soccer, track and field, ice hockey and more to train for higher batting averages, better serve returns, more accurate penalty kicks, faster starts, and higher face-off percentages. Features use of push buttons, foot pedals and even raw EMG sensors, to simulate real sports actions by using EMG from muscle contractions to respond to events! Highly accurate, time-locked EEG, physiology and EMG allow in-depth analysis of mind and body activity during sports reaction time training.

    DynaMap Suite
    The DynaMap Suite is focused on SEMG with a wide variety of different applications. It also incorporates other modalities, including Goniometer and Force, in some of the channel sets and screens. The Suite is designed to be used on ProComp Infiniti, FlexComp Infiniti and ProComp2 systems which support BioGraph Infiniti software with channels sets to maximize the features of each.

    Stress Control Suite (for use with ProComp 2)

    The Stress Control Suite is a set of simple tools, which are designed to help you do biofeedback therapy with your clients even if you have little or no experience with biofeedback. The tools in this suite will help you assess your client’s physiological responses to stressful situations and become aware of any abnormal patterns when they recuperate from stress..

    HRV Suite

    A powerful method for exercising your client’s cardiovascular system.Teaching your clients to practice slow regular breathing exercises as often as possible, 10 to 20 minutes a day, will help them learn important self-regulation skills and maintain higher levels of heart rate variability.


    Z Score biofeedback Add-on

    This product adds the power of the Z-score Biofeedback Library to BioGraph Infiniti, allowing you to analyze normative data in real time. Obtain faster results when combining z-score biofeedback with BioGraph Infiniti, as the power of connectivity assessment and training is all available in one place. Fast, easy training with the same strategy every time: train towards norm. For use with EEG Suite, Z-Score Mini-Suite or Developer Tools.

    BioFun - Captivating Games for Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Muscle Rehabilitation. BioFun Games make physiological training fun and challenging!

    BioGraph-X Infiniti Add-on
    BioGraph-X Infiniti add-on (200+ animations) is offered by Thought Technology to enhance your training sessions. The add-on is compiled of a variety of animations from nature, to fractals and games. In addition, there are animations that when placed side by side will appear as one, such as the multiple car race, allowing the clinician to link each animation to a different criteria and have the client compete against their self.

    Developer Tools
    Included at no charge with every Infiniti System purchase, Developer Tools provide powerful editing capabilities for to create new channel sets, customized display screens and automated session scripts that can significantly expand your biofeedback and data-acquisition horizons! Developer tools often include features that are not yet available in an applications suite, so that developers can benefit from cutting edge functionality sooner.

    Design from scratch or modify existing items, all using the same Developer Tools!

    Channel Editor
    Access the low-level power of BioGraph Infiniti’s computation engine. Create different sensor configurations, apply digital filters, complex computations, cutting edge algorithms, and much more.

    Screen Editor
    Design screens from scratch or modify existing screens. Benefit from the longest list of screen instruments on the market, including DVD feedback, Audio and Video, Flash Animations and may more advanced tools.

    Script Editor
    Design your own protocols to meet the needs of your applications. Use existing screens and computation sets to run repeatable, scripted sessions for data collection. Ideal for assessments and training!

    Thought Technology Ltd.
    8205 Montreal-Toronto Blvd. Suite 223, Montreal West Quebec , H4X 1N1 Canada
    Tel: 800-361-3651 (514) 489-8251 Fax: (514) 489-8255
    Email: mail@thoughttechnology.com

    Exclusive DataLock Technology with Optimal Signal Quality

    One of BioGraph’s key design principles has always been to put your data’s safety first. The system is crash proof and ensures optimal signal quality. Highly accurate sensors and low noise cables ensures quality signals so you can focus on your work. Electrode impedance and arti­fact rejection are essential to clinical work. If you cannot rely on quality sensor data, you cannot ensure valid statistical analysis or demonstrate positive clinical outcomes. BioGraph Infiniti v6.0 runs on the most versatile and reli­able equipment on the market.

    BioGraph Infiniti PC System Requirements:
    Minimum Recommended Processor 1.8 GHz, Dual-core CPU Quad-core CPU, Intel i5

    Operating systems (supported) (32 and 64 bit versions) - Microsoft® Windows® 8, Pro, Enterprise - Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate with SP1. - Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 2. - Microsoft® Windows® XP Prof. or Home Ed.with SP3.

    Memory (RAM):
    3 GB (Vista® or Windows® 7/8/10)

    Hard Disk space:
    50 GB or more, to save video and sessions data

    Video / Graphics card with at least 1 GB of dedicated memory. (Example: ATI Radeon 5770, with 1280x1024 resolution and dual monitor support.)

    Monitor: Two monitors which support resolution of 1280x1024 and higher.

    Other necessary components:

    • DVD-ROM drive.
    • Adequate number of USB ports depending on the intended system usage (1-4 for Pro/Flex Infiniti encoders, 2 for webcams, 1 for TT AV Sync, mouse, keyboard, printer)
    • Mouse or any other compatible pointing device.
    • 32-bit compatible sound card & speakers.
    • Compact Flash Reader (for use with compact flash
    • Up to two webcams with built-in microphone (if recording video). Frame rate 30fps, Microsoft® recommended.
    • Microsoft® Office with Word® and Excel® (for report generation and printing).
    • High-speed Internet access (for updating software and receiving technical support).


    • Tele-Infiniti CF (T9600) version 3.2.1 or higher is compatible with 64-bit Windows® operating systems. Version 3.1 or lower is compatible with 32-bit Windows®.
    • Low speed CPUs (1.8 GB) may be sluggish when running screens with a large number of instruments per screen.
    • If using 2 webcams for video recording, it is strongly suggested to use recommended PC requirements.
    • If using TT-AV Sync functionality, please refer to possibly additional system requirements from appropriate suite manual.

    The following apply to BioGraph Infiniti 6.1 and its application suites:

    • BioGraph Infiniti is a 32-bit software program.
    • BioGraph Infiniti software and application suites are installed for All Users on a per-machine basis.
    • The BioGraph Infiniti system must be installed on the PC where the database is/will be located.
    • BioGraph Infiniti is not designed for use in a networked environment.
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    • info@eegsales.com

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