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IMA 48" Gold Silicone Coated Flat Lead EEG Electrode

Item #: ELT-486-0
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    The world’s most carefully produced electrodes, IMA electrodes are individually handcrafted with generations of experience.

    Flat Leads (green/yellow)

    Gold Plated Silver with silicone coated wiring 48" long.

    IMA Gold  flat EEG sensors are solid cast pure silver (99.9%), Gold plated, polished 9mm flat electrodes and a 1.5mm (.059) DIN safety plug.

    The special designed safety plugs offer more space between safety plugs even at narrowly placed sockets and a better fit also with wider (worn out) sockets at some head boxes

    IMA electrodes with Teflon wiring have 144 silver strands per lead.

    IMA electrodes with silicone coated wiring have 7 silver ribbons combined with Kevlar for strength, dipped in silicone coating.

    Each type : 48” = 1 ohm resistance out of 4,000 ohm from scalp.


    Do not soak in water (creates corrosive brine).

    Wipe with alcohol after each use.

    For heavy discoloration or build up on silver electrodes use toothpaste (not gel), comet or ajax, wipe gently and rinse with warm water.

    For gold plated electrodes use alcohol or toothpaste (not gel), be very gentle, rinse only - do not soak. Scratched plating is the most common cause of failure for gold electrodes.

    Take care not to crimp the wires or pull at wires from the ends, this is the most common reason of failure for all electrode wiring.

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