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Discovery 24 by BrainMaster at eegSales.com

Add Ons for NeuroGuide by Applied Neuroscience Inc

Item #: SWR-NG00
Availability: by download only- link and/or passkey emailed.

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Learning Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury Discriminant Functions

TBI Discrim output.JPG (60885 bytes)

LORETA Current Density Normative Database (2 months to 82 years)

LORETA & NeuroGuide.JPG (66523 bytes)

Brain Performance Index

Fig. 6 - Rendered Brains.jpg (43022 bytes)


NeuroStat-2 EEGs.jpg (110260 bytes)


Connectivity Suite

Dynamic Bi-Spectral Analyses


Surface Effective Connectivity

Surface Cross-Frequency Coherence

LORETA Cross-Frequency Coherence

Surface Cross-Frequency Power

Surface Cross-Frequency Phase Reset

Surface Cross-Frequency Phase Amplitude

LORETA Source Correlation Normative Database (2 months to 82 yrs)

Source Corr-Contour ROI.JPG (90497 bytes)

LORETA Coherence and Phase Normative Database (2months to 82 yrs)

LORETA COHERENCE.png (105843 bytes)

LORETA Phase Reset Normative Database (LORETA Phase Shift & Phase Lock Duration - 2 months to 82 yrs)

LORETA Effective Connectivity Normative Database (2 months to 82 years)

Evoked Potentials (EPs) and Event Related Potentials (ERPs) Cognitive P-300 with Normative Database Comparisons

BrainSurfer Network Viewer

NeuroGuide Collection Module

The following EEG amplifiers are supported by the NC module: NeuroField (Q20), Deymed, Neuropulse, NeuronSpectrum, BrainAmp, Mitsar, Nexus-32, ANT, Biosignal, Advanced Brain Monitoring, Discovery, Wearable Sensing, Cognionics. The NC module is necessary for acquisition of EEG including NF1, NF2 & Surf. $600 for each amplifier type. This is not a stand alone product but is an add on to NeuroGuide and NGA. One must purchase NG or NGA in order to activate the NC module.

1 to 19 Channel Z Score Biofeedback* (Symptom Check List + Surface QEEG Z Scores = NF1)

(Includes real-time Biofeedback of Z scores of the Laplacian, Average Reference, Linked Ears, Coherence, Phase Difference, Phase Lock, Phase Shift, Relative Power, Absolute Power + Symptom Check List. NF1 does not perform LORETA 3D EEG Biofeedback) * * * * * Z Score Biofeedback Programs (NF1, NF2 and BrainSurfer) require the purchase of a NeuroGuide EEG Acquisition Module (i.e., NC - $600).

3-Dimensional LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback*

(Includes real-time 'Live' LORETA Coherence, LORETA Phase Difference, LORETA Current Density + Symptom Check List. NF2 does not perform Surface EEG Biofeedback)* * * * * Z Score Biofeedback Programs (NF1, NF2 and BrainSurfer) require the purchase of a NeuroGuide EEG Acquisition Module (i.e., NC - $600).

BrainSurfer*3-Dimensional Rendered Brain with Real Time Current Density Z Scores, Coherence and Phase Difference Z Scores, Phase Shift & Lock Z scores and Graph Metric Z scores (Bundled Comprehensive integration of BrainSurfer 1, 2 & 3) * * * * * Z Score Biofeedback Programs (NF1, NF2 and BrainSurfer) require the purchase of a NeuroGuide EEG Acquisition Module (i.e., NC - $600).

Stand alone Symptom Check List NF Protocol Generator (independent of NF1 & NF2)

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