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Skin Conductance Pkg for BrainMaster
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BrainMaster SCR Package for Atlantis and Discovery

Item #: BM392-002
Availability: In Stock
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Price: $350.00


    The SCR pod provides an interface that converts skin conductance into a signal that the Atlantis or Discovery can read via the DC amplifiers. This provides an indication of the conductance of the client's skin, which reflects the state of activation. Any type of skin sensor can be used, but silver/silver chloride sensors are recommended, applied to the fingers or palm. Two sensors are required per channel, for a total of 4 sensors to acquire 2 channels of SCR.

    What is included in this package

    • 1 - SCR Pod
    • 5 - 48" Snap Leads
    • 4 - VELCRO Finger Bands

    The EMG Pod converts skin electromyographic signals into signals that the Atlantis or Discovery can read via the DC amplifiers. This provides an indication of the amount of muscle activity between the sensor pairs. Two sensors are required per channel, plus a ground, for a total of up to 5 sensors for 2 channels of EMG.

    What is included in this package
    1 - EMG Pod
    5 - 48" Snap Leads
    30 - Disposable EMG Sensors

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