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TT-EEG 2 Channel Connectivity Kit

ProComp2 "All In One" 2ch Neurofeedback+ Package

Item #: SWT12100
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(package price is for a limited time only)

Package Value $2925.00

Everything you need for 2 channels of Neurofeedback...

Plus expansion capability into Peripheral Biofeedback.

  •  ProComp2 (and connection cables)
  •  BioGraph 6.0 (software)
  •  360 Suite (software)
  •  EEGZ sensor (w/impedance checking) or sensor of your choice up to equal value
  • 2 sets of electrodes and Din Adapters (2 leads and 2 ear clips, gold plate cups ea. set)
  •  Ten20 (conductive paste) and NupPrep (skin prep) samples
  •  1 alcohol dispenser bottle
  •   AA Battery
  •  Sleek Fabric carrying case

Bonus - EEG Sales will provide 1.5 hrs of online remote installation and/or software /hardware training


BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all Thought Technologies Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. It provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run our specialized application Suites.

Choose your Suite (EEG, Physiology or Rehab included with purchase of BioGraph 6.0). Add Suites to expand as you go.

New 360 Application Suite

The suite combines classic physiological biofeedback (arousal and peripheral temperature) with heart rate variability training (HRV) and neurofeedback protocols (EEG and HEG biofeedback) into one integrated package.

The suite’s broad selection of tools includes:

  • Specialized physiological assessments
  • Self-regulation training screens
  • Biofeedback assisted relaxation therapy sessions

A full range of clinical tools

Each suite includes all the display screens you need for:

  • Verifying signal quality and adjusting sensor placement
  • Monitoring and assessing physiological functions
  • Recording biofeedback training sessions
  • Reviewing recorded data for the purpose of artifact rejection
  • Generating session reports and demonstrating the learning curves


The ProComp2™ is a medical grade, 2 channel physiological monitoring device. The device connects to your Windows desktop or laptop PC via optic fiber to offer the safest and most reliable data connection on the market. With your choice of sensors plugged into the ProComp2™ unit, clinicians have access to a simple clinical system for monitoring and evaluating objective psychophysiological data, and empowering a client through self-regulation.

Benefits for you and your client

  • Add additional training rooms to your clinic quickly and economically
  • Promote training in the home environment to improve outcomes
  • Enhance long term compliance
  • Quality and expert support from Thought Technology

Benefits for you and your clients
- Add additional training rooms to your clinic quickly and economically
- Promote training in the home environment to improve outcomes
- Enhance long term compliance
- Includes a built in EEG sensor
- Monitor peripheral measures as EEG
- Quality and expert support from Thought Technology


EEG Z Sensor with built in impedance check,  by Thought Technology 

  • Protected Pin
  • 60 in, 154 cm cable

Thought Technology Electrode Set w/DIN ADAPTER - 24" Gold Cup

EEG-Z is a pre-amplified electroencephalograph sensor with built in impedance checking. Get the ultimate hook up every time with this sensor as it monitors skin impedance (both the reactive and resistive elements) and sensor connection.

Includes the TT-EEG Monopolar/Bipolar Electrode Kit with DIN Cable 

  • EEG Sales LLC
  • 800-400-0334
  • info@eegsales.com

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EEG Sales LLC offers a full and comprehensive list of quality products and supplies at competitively discounted prices for practitioners of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. EEG Sales is an authorized distributor for Thought Technology and an authorized reseller for BrainMaster Technologies. We are proud to offer IMA Electronics hand-crafted electrodes and many of the finest equipment and supply brands available. Customer service and quality of product are top priorities with EEG Sales.

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